Oh So Singapore

Happy National Day, Singapore! As a proudly local brand, Coastberry is thrilled to join in the celebration by unveiling our latest, most fitting designs yet. Featuring durians and otters as part of the newest print designs on our Signature Bamboo Wear, we pay homage to the most iconic symbols of our everyday lives! Bask in the festivities with our newest release, as we join hands to celebrate the diverse cultures of our nation.

Into The Unknown

Open up your little ones' minds to a world of wonder as we venture into the unknown! Featuring mystical unicorns on a backdrop of majestic castles & astronauts embarking on a space expedition in the shimmering galaxies! Coastberry’s newest bamboo sleepwear and loungewear pieces are sure to bring on the greatest imagination & discoveries of little ones!

Whimsical Tea Party

Step into a world of enchantment with "Whimsical Tea Party”! In collaboration with L'eclair Patisserie, we've designed a delightful ensemble featuring Coastberry's beloved signature prints, where charming forest animals gather for a fanciful tea party. Crafted with care, this collection not only exudes a playful charm but also introduces a fresh range of loungewear pieces. 

Animal Parade

Bring out your little ones’ wildest imagination with Coastberry’s ‘Animal Parade’ collection, featuring animals that they absolutely adore! Think lions, elephants, giraffes, flamingoes and more! Available as bamboo sleepwear and 100% cotton apparel - these fits are simply perfect for your little ones' excursion trips / vacations, and a restful night after - to conclude yet another wonderful day!

Seafaring Blooms

Get ready to usher in Spring & a prosperous Lunar New Year ahead with Coastberry.
Introducing ‘Seafaring Blooms’ - a collection of our signature classic pieces lovingly designed with sweet pastel florals and nautical themed prints

Christmas Dreamland

Bring on the festive holiday vibes with our Christmas themed collection, featuring absolutely adorable winter forest animal prints as well as the nutcracker and ballerinas to elevate the Christmas cheer! This collection also features the official launch of our Classic Sweatshirt Sets.

Watercolour Dreams

For the love of dinosaurs, autumn bunnies, sunshine and rainbows - lovingly depicted in a soft pastel watercolour style. Get ready to bring on the smiles with Coastberry’s launch of ‘Watercolour Dreams’.

The Dream Of Flight

Here’s to the little ones with big dreams and big hearts. Get ready to take on ‘The Dream Of Flight’ with us - a collection inspired by my time as a Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew.

Whimsical Dreamland & Ocean Fantasy

Our debut into the bamboo sleepwear range! Embrace the impressive softness & quality of our bamboo sleepwear products, together with print designs that are widely adored by little ones!