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Watercolour Dreams

For the love of dinosaurs, autumn bunnies, sunshine and rainbows - lovingly depicted in a soft pastel watercolour style. Get ready to bring on the smiles with Coastberry’s launch of ‘Watercolour Dreams’. Once again, this collection features another round of offerings across the bamboo sleepwear and cotton apparel range, and with styles to suit the entire family. 

First up, let's dive into our bamboo sleepwear range & let us introduce you to Coastberry's most adorable & highly anticipated prints this season - Watercolour dinosaurs, Sunshine & Rainbows, as well as Autumn Bunnies! 

Squealing in excitement as we push through more designs featuring some of your little ones' favourite things! First up, a highly popular design that's not to be missed! Watercolour dinosaurs, available as Coastberry's Signature Bamboo Sleepsuits as well as in Bamboo 2 Piece Sets

Of course, we're also not forgetting the beautiful things in life that simply screams "happiness"! Featuring our Sunshine & Rainbows print design that's all set to brighten up your day! Available as Coastberry's Signature Bamboo Sleepsuits and as Bamboo 2 Piece Sets too. 

If you haven't already noticed by now - Coastberry takes joy in dreaming up designs that are unisex in general, so as to spread joy across both genders & to encourage twinning amongst siblings. Simply perfect for this year end season, we can't emphasise enough how apt these Autumn Bunnies Bamboo Sleepsuits and Bamboo 2 Piece Sets are!

Following the success of our previous launch and entry into Family Wear - we're making a comeback in this collection as well, with the launch of 100% cotton family wear. With styles available across both genders and both parents, there's bound to be something for everyone as you go about the joy of twinning again! 

We're all smiles as we imagine your entire family coming together to don on these lovely dinosaur-themed outfits to complete the look. Aside from being simply perfect for everyday wear, these dinosaur themed outfits are also ideal for dinosaur themed birthday parties / celebrations! 

Not quite a fan of dinosaurs and looking for something simply fitting for this autumn / year-end season? Then our Autumn Bunnies series of family wear is simply perfect for you!

Here's our highly-raved Autumn Bunnies Unisex 2 Piece Suspender Shorts Set, guaranteed to bring on the smiles and squeals from family, friends, and even passers-by alike!

Together with Mummy & Daddy in these neutral & muted-down designs, we're certain Coastberry's got the perfect family fit that's suitable for all! 

Bring on the sweet dreams and a lovely family bonding session with these lovely watercolour pastel printed sleepwear & apparel. We're certain these are some of your little ones' favourite things!