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Seafaring Blooms

Get ready to usher in Spring & a prosperous Lunar New Year ahead with Coastberry.
Introducing ‘Seafaring Blooms’ - a collection of our signature classic pieces lovingly designed with sweet pastel florals and nautical themed prints.

Time flies & it's time to usher in the Lunar New Year again! Keeping close to the Chinese tradition of having new pyjamas and new outfits to celebrate the brand new year - we hope you'd find these pieces from our collection suitable for your little ones! 

First up, we're definitely not going to miss out on releasing new designs for our signature bamboo sleepwear. With florals being extremely fitting for the season, we've incorporated them into our latest pieces as well. 

Have your little ones looking all sweet and dainty, with our Sweet Pastel Blooms sleepwear, available as sleepsuits as well as 2 Piece Sets

In addition, we are all about practicality and sustainability when it comes to sleepwear and apparel designs, hence the introduction of an evergreen nautical themed design to be part of this collection too. Suitable to take you through Lunar New Year and beyond! Featuring our Nautical Dreams Bamboo sleepwear, available as sleepsuits as well as 2 Piece Sets

Bamboo sleepwear aside, we've got these lovely prints made available for our signature 100% cotton apparel too - aren't these simply so sweet and fitting for Lunar New Year, while still maintaining a perfect balance of soft, pastel, and neutral tones? 

Here's our Sweet Pastel Blooms design, available as girl dresses as well as boy shirts. Aren't these simply perfect, and for twinning among siblings in the family too? 

Sweet pastel blooms aside, here's our take on our Nautical Dreams prints, as girl dresses as well as boy shirts

So much love for these neutral hues and evergreen prints that are not only suitable for Lunar New Year, but also for everyday wear beyond the festive period too. 

Let's celebrate the brand new year ahead with some new pyjamas as well as apparel for our little ones!