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Animal Parade

Bring out your little ones’ wildest imagination with Coastberry’s ‘Animal Parade’ collection, featuring animals that they absolutely adore! Think lions, elephants, giraffes, flamingoes and more! Available as bamboo sleepwear and 100% cotton apparel - these fits are simply perfect for your little ones' excursion trips / vacations, and a restful night after - to conclude yet another wonderful day!

This collection features:

🦩 Bamboo Sleepsuits
🦁 Bamboo 2 Piece PJ Sets
🐘100% Cotton Boy Shirts
🦒100% Cotton Girl Dresses (New styles)
🍍100% Cotton Girl 2 Piece Sets (NEW!)

Bring on the sheer delight of your little ones with their favourite animals being featured on our latest pieces! Get ready to bring on their dreamy smiles as they don on Coastberry's Signature Bamboo Sleepwear - this time in our "Animal Parade" and "Flamingo Fiesta" prints! 

With all our products being designed in-house, it is of course without doubt that we'd always make it a point to incorporate the characters well-loved by little ones to further elevate their bedtime & fashion experience.  

Show these pieces to your little ones are we're certain to have them squeal in excitement! 

All of Coastberry's Signature Bamboo Sleepsuits boasts the following features: 

  • Double zippers for convenient changing
  • Fold-over mittens and foot cuffs
  • Non-toxic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight & breathable, perfect for humid climates
  • Gentle on eczema prone skin
  • Natural & Eco-friendly

While our Signature Bamboo 2 Piece Sets are thoughtfully designed to cater towards greater convenience for the toilet-trained kids, while still retaining all the great qualities of our bamboo fabric.  

Sleepwear aside, our highly popular 100% cotton apparel are not to be missed out from this collection as well. Available in boy shirts, girl dresses in new styles, and 2 piece sets for girls, every single piece is thoughtfully crafted with love to cater towards the different styles & likings of every child.

Got a tropical vacation coming right up? A trip to the Zoo or Bird Paradise? In the midst of planning for an animal themed party? Or simply looking to provide your little ones with ultra lightweight & comfortable pieces for everyday wear? We’ve got you covered right here!

For a limited time only, enjoy up to 15% OFF with our launch promotion. Simply enter promo codes ZOO10 or ZOO15 to enjoy these quality pieces at greater savings! 

Let's celebrate our little ones' wildest imaginations & bring on their sheer delight with these pieces from the "Animal Parade" collection!